17 November 2011


 Spotted blouse from my latest Gmarket haul! I had to get in quick since the seasons are opposite in Korea and Australia, so the majority of clothes in the Gmarket stores are winter when it's summer in Australia and vice versa in winter.... I get so hot just by looking at the winter clothes in this Australian heat! So I basically have my winter clothes ready in half a year in advance, lucky Korea's fashion forward. I love getting a large Gmarket package in the mail, it's like unwrapping a present!!! (that you paid for... but still!) All this talk about Gmarket reminds me I haven't been on Gmarket for a while now.... hhmmmm I think I'm due for another delivery!!
The arm holes for the blouse are kinda tight... damn korean girls and their skinny arms!! *goes cries and eats a donut*

 Beige spotted blouse: Gmarket
Skirt: Target
Belt: Supre
Black ankle boots: Rubi
Black scallop bag: Gmarket
Gold ring with pearl: Diva
Black stones ring: Diva
Gold diamond ring: ASOS
Gold bangles: H&M



Awesome Look, i really like your unique sense of style! Very beautiful blog <3
xoxo StyleMafia


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