3 November 2011

STYLENANDA order arrived (review coming soon!)

Disclaimer: I bought all these products with my own money and these are my true and honest opinions, I am in no way affiliated with stylenanda.com.

I ordered a couple of things off of STYLE NANDA (http://en.stylenanda.com/) and received my order three days ago, it took ten days for the package to be delivered to Australia by EMS which I think is pretty good. BUT!! In the box there was a note saying in order to get my items delivered as soon as possible some items are missing and will be shipped later so I'm missing a gold watch that I ordered.....errmmm I don't know how I feel about that.... it just better come soon!!! Anywho here is what I got so far...... 

1. Here is the box the package came in

from left to right: GT05, GT01, GT03, GT02, GT08, GT07
Love the packaging, very stylish!
2. Glitter nail polishes ($4.59 US each): I ordered a variety of glitter nail polishes because I love the bling bling! On the website the nail polish seemed quite dense from the pictures with a lot of glitter paritcles, I hope it's the same in real life....

how to use (cr: http://en.stylenanda.com/)

3. Black mascara ($19.08 US): The interesting thing about this mascara is that the wand changes in its length and width by twisting the bottom (I'm such a sucker for novelties). It's suppose to give extra length and volume because the different sizes of the wand do different jobs.... we'll have to wait and see.

The picture on the website, big difference hey?!
4. Two pairs of glasses ($12.02 US each): I don't need an excuse to buy glasses so these were a given cart item when I was browsing STYLE NANDA. I'm disappointed how the beige ones turned out :( The picture on the website made them look more beige in colour with hints of green, sort of like marble? anyway they turned out more of an orange/brown colour and not as opaque and looking more cheaper than I thought :(

3. Freebie: Lastly I got this navy nail polish for free. It's nothing extraordinary but you really can't go wrong with navy nail polish so keep them freebies coming!!!!

I also got a grey nail polish just to push my cart over $100 dollars so I could get $10 shipping (they offer $20 shipping for orders under $100, $10 shipping for orders $100-$200 and free shipping for orders $200+). And I'm waiting for my gold watch....

So that was my first taste of STYLE NANDA, the clothes and accessories on the site are cute but a little expensive for me so I only ordered a couple of things especially since I can't tell the true quality of them, I don't want to risk a lot of money and be disappointed in the end *cough cough beige glasses cough cough*


Oubada El-Ali said...

Hey! Just wanted to know whether you had to pay any taxes or anything? I really want to purchase stuff!!

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