8 November 2011

My thrifting adventures - Vintage Supre?!

I went thrifting on the weekend (surprise, surprise) and picked up some goodies. I've been really into red and gold lately which I blame on Craig from the last season of Project Runway Australia because he designed a gorgeous collection for the finale based on red and gold. So obviously my purchases would be a gold jacket and red suit! The jacket is not quite the gold I'm looking for... it's a little green(?) for my liking but hey what can you do? 
Now to the red suit! what can I cay about the red suit??!!! ahahaha spotted it on the rack a mile away and ran towards it.... the shoulder pads! the glaring red! the pants! oh the pants! It looks ridiculous! The pictures I took really doesn't do it justice because the shape can't be seen. I don't think I would wear the jacket and pants together because it's a little much but never say never! What I love most is the material, it's like an embossed croc skin print with a sheen of gold.... bright fire engine 80's pant suit with huge shoulder pads and a hint of gold??!! I'm so there!!!! And what's the icing on this awesome mess??!!! it's vintage...SUPRE!!! is that even a thing?? who cares! it's effing hilarious!! ahahahahahahaha 

Craig and his finale collection that was shown at fashion week (Project Runway Australia 2011)

The gold jacket (without flash)
Photo with flash
The red pant suit
Love the gold shimmer (photo without flash)
Photo with flash
The vintage (lol) Supre tag 
I just hope that when I wear the red, it turns out more like this and...................

...........not like this (sorry peter andre)


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