14 November 2011


Had this jumpsuit for a while now (over a year??) and never had a chance to wear it because I didn't really knew how to wear it -didn't have the right shoes. It's hard to believe but I only bought my first pair of heels last year, I even wore flats to my formal (I know, I know what a sin I have committed! I'm so ashamed!!!) Now, I'm addicted to heels and feel so frumpy without them on :( So my jumpsuit has finally seen the light of day!! Hooray!!! I'm so sorry my poor little jumpsuit... you deserve so much better! But I have changed and will repent!!! Now I just need to make things right for the other 4 or so jumpsuits in my closet that still have the tags on.......
OMG! hadn't realized how long my hair was!

 Black jumpsuit: Tokito
Navy heels : ASOS
Leopard bag: D.I.Y
Gold chain necklace: Diva
Large black stone ring: Diva
Gold diamond ring: ASOS
Earrings: Sportsgirl


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