7 November 2011

OOTD - H&M groupie for life

On my second trip to South Korea at the end of 2010 I discovered what just maybe heaven on Earth *cue choir of angels*...... H&M!!!!!!!!! OMG how much to I love this place!! The clothes are to die for and the prices are reasonable (ish). But what I think I love most is specifically the H&M in South Korea is the sales! I'm not sure about other countries but the sales in South Korea are awesome especially when you convert the price into Aus dollars!!! I went to H&M everyday religiously when I was there, you know it's good when they have two H&M stores literally 100 meters away from each other in the same shopping district (Myeong-dong) and it's constantly packed. I checked out other places like Forever 21 and Zara but nothing beat H&M for me, the clothes are exactly my style. I kinda regret not buying more things while I was over in Seoul because there were a lot of things that I loved but I was stingy and only went for the sale items.... So enough with the H&M fan-girling because anymore would just make me depressed that we don't have one in Aus :( 

My outfit of the day featuring my H&M black and white blazer, which I recently found out Rihanna wore in her "What's My Name" music video! Now I just need the red hair a la Ronald McDonald ( I would seriously consider it if I could).......

 Black dress worn as top: Dangerfield
Black and white blazer: H&M
High waisted black shorts : Supre
Black wedges: ASOS
Leopard Bag: D.I.Y
Gold chain black ribbon necklace: Diva
Multiple gold and silver chain necklaces: Diva
Glasses necklace: Gmarket
Gold armour ring: Diva
Black glasses: Gmarket 


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