7 December 2011

OOTD - colour blocking

Haven't been up to much lately, just drooling over "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" and "Vampire Prosecutor" same ol' same ol'.......  I'm dying in this heat already and it's hardly touched 30 degrees!! Don't know I survived the 40+ weather last year..... oh yeah I was in awesome Seoul and Tokyo for a white Christmas!!! Take me back!!!!! :( 

 Hot pink blouse: Supre
Black skirt: a random store 
Black and white belt: a random store
Black boots: Rubi 
Bag: Gmarket
White glasses: Gmarket
Chain necklace: Diva 
Bangles: Colette

3 December 2011

OOTD - Vampire Prosecutor

Been watching "Vampire Prosecutor" recently and now am in love with this Korean drama. The drama is about a prosecutor who happens to be a vampire (hence the title right?!) and he uses his supernatural abilities to solve crime. It may seem totally outrageous and lame but the drama is able to blend the supernatural and crime solving seamlessly with its flawless execution. It's a nice change to the usual melo-dramas or romatic-comedy fluff that South Korea usual produces, don't get me wrong I love that stuff (hello?? Flower Boy Ramyun Shop anyone??) but it's refreshing to put something new in the mix with its use of camera effects and sharp dialogue. There is a new crime every episode that gets solved by the end very much like the American crime shows like CSI as well as a big ongoing mystery as to who killed the protagonist's little sister which reminds me a lot of the "Red John" situation for those who watch "The Mentalist".
The way the show re-creates the crime in slow motion with the use of blood is quite visually stunning and makes the way blood splatters quite beautiful(?) (I know, creepy right??). And most importantly the vampire prosecutor is HOT!!!!! OMG talk about charisma!! I swear, whoever invented guy-liner needs some sort of award. I wasn't a fan of Yeon Jeong-Hoon when I first watched him in "East of Eden" (which I felt was a bit of a yawn and an half), but now I've seen the light!! I guess all I needed was some guy-liner and fangs to truly appreciate his awesomeness?? All I know is that he can stick his fangs in my neck any day! That is, if I don't do the same to him first! PPHHHROARRRR!!! Oh I guess there is the small problem of his gorgeous real-life wife Han Ga-In....-_-" mmmm.....

ANYWAYS ...... my OOTD has been inspired by the dark world of vampires (the cool ones that solve crime in guy-liner and not the puncy ones that glitter). This is the other thirfted leather jacket I mentioned in an earlier OOTD post where I learnt 2 is always better than 1.

 White blouse: a random store
Black leather jacket: Thrifted
Black tights: Supre 
Black heels: Rubi 
Black studded bag: a random store
Black glasses: StyleNanda
Various necklaces: Diva
Cluster skull ring: Gmarket
Skull chain ring: from South Korea

Oh did I mention the prosecutor has a awesome wardrobe to boot??!!!  Dude how much more swooning are you gonna make me do, drama??

30 November 2011

ZARA, The Aviary & OOTD

So a Zara recently opened at Burnside Village and I thought I would check it out. The store apparently is modelled after the Fifth Avenue store in New York, I thought it reminded me a lot of the Zara store in Seoul so I guess all the stores are pretty uniform around the world? But the one here is nowhere near the scale of the store in Seoul, a lot of the stores like Zara, H&M, Forever 21 etc. in Seoul and Tokyo have a million levels (well.... more like 4 but you get the point) and the one here is only 2 levels with most of the top level for kids. 
There was a security guard all suited-up to greet us at the door which made me laugh because I remembered that a friend told me that at the store opening they had all this security and a roped off area for a line up but there was no-one!! AHAHA I think they were expecting a huge line-up because the store in Melbourne often has a line-up to get into the store but we're a little more chill here Zara......
I tried to take some photos in the store but a shop assistant stopped me :( I'm not sure why you're not allowed to take photos in store but I was a little miffed -_- so here are the only two photos I could take ninja style.....
I want metallic jeans sooo much!! Beam me up Scotty!!!

I can tell that Burnside Village is targeted towards the people with more "ability" aka the super rich peeps with shit loads of cash to burn.... with all the boutiques like Mimco and Oroton. So I saw heaps of fabulous middle-aged women, or what I like to call them sammonims (a korean term for powerful rich ladies) and their husbands (wallet) walking around.
After my sister took me to The Aviary dessert bar because she kept on raving on about the ice-cream. While we were driving there she made me ring up and make a booking ( the dude on the other end was extra cheerful and peppy which was nice ^^) for a table in ten minutes because there may be a line up..... when we got there there was no-one, we had a little "Zara" moment...... The boy who served us (and answered the phone from before) was cute as a button and my sister told me there was another friendly dude that served her the other night and  I thought is the Aviary a dessert version of to the Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, have my prayers been answered?? and if so where is my Cha Chi Soo??!!! ( a korean drama reference..... basically a store that employs super good-looking dudes yummy!)
The decor is so adorable!
Ordered a mango fruit fizz and a raspberry fruit fizz with little lychee jellies at the bottom, so yum!!

My sister ordered an asian sundae with lychee and coconut ice-cream and I ordered an asian sundae with mango and lime ice-cream. There was grass jelly at the bottom which I absolutely luuuurvvveee nom nom!! Just a warning, the lime sorbet is super duper ultra megaly sour!! >o< Yeah... I wouldn't order the lime sorbet again...... but the rest was delish! 
My asian sundae NOM NOM!! (minus the lime sorbet)

And finally my OOTD! When I was waiting for a change room in the thrift store, a girl came out wearing this dress to show her mum and I was in love!! I had my fingers crossed hoping that she wouldn't like it and guess what??!! she didn't!! ( well, obviously coz I'm wearing now and not her). Thank god for mothers and their overpowering opinions! When she finished I followed her around the thrift store like 007 on a mission and watched her put it back on the rack and walk away and snatched the sucker! MWAHAHAHAHAHA...... why do I always seem like such a ruthless ninja when I go thrifting?!

 Dress: Thrifted
Black belt: Thrifted
Black hat: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Scooter
Leopard bag: Target
Black glasses: from Japan
Gold watch: from South Korea

To finish here is a picture of the boys of Flower Boy Ramyun shop because.... well coz I just can!!

26 November 2011

OOTD - 123

Been a while since I last posted.... my net got capped -_-" That's the worst feeling ever..... going back to dial up speed.... I really wonder how I survived back in the early 2000's when I had dial up! The thing about dial up is that it takes a really long time to download/load a file BUT because it takes such a long time there's always a chance that it might stuff up half way through (which in my case happens 99% of the time)!!
Anyways I'm back to broadband speed (thank god) and am in such a better mood and can upload my outfit of the day HOORAY!
The t-shirt I'm wearing is "inspired" by a Jeremy Scott design...... okay okay it's a totally rip off but anyway I actually bought a jumper before that looks more like the actual Jeremy Scott jumper and liked it so much I went back for the t-shirt version on G-market.
WARNING: you may get random gross middle-aged men on the street thinking they are sooooooooooo  hi-LAR-ious saying stuff like "I'd like to push your buttons, love" when wearing this top      -____- true story..........
Agyness Deyn wearing Jeremy Scott

 Top: Gmarket
Black skirt: Supre
Black hat: Shibuya 109 (in Japan)
Black ankle boots: Rubi
Leopard bag: D.I.Y
Black glasses: from Japan
Red heart ring: Diva
Skull ring: Gmarket
Various bracelets: Diva

20 November 2011

OOTD - Hyoyeon inspired

This look was inspired by a shoot Hyoyeon from SNSD (Girl's Generation) did for the November 2011 Vogue Girl Korea issue. SNSD recently made a comeback with "The Boys" and although SNSD are super popular, I think Hyoyeon sometimes does not get as much exposure as the other members so I'm glad she finally got to do her first solo photoshoot :) I like the dark gothic feel of the shoot, sorta like a witchy-pilgrim??   Anyway here's my outfit of the day and remember to check Hyoyeon out in Invincible Youth Season 2 along with fellow SNSD member Sunny ^_^
 White blouse: a random store
Black vest: Miss Shop
Black long tulle skirt: from South Korea
Black and white belt: a random store (I know,I know, I shop at a lot of random stores) 
Black hat: Shibuya 109 (in Japan)
Black ankle boots: Rubi
Black and leopard bag: Target
Gold armour ring: Diva
Gold watch: from South Korea

17 November 2011


 Spotted blouse from my latest Gmarket haul! I had to get in quick since the seasons are opposite in Korea and Australia, so the majority of clothes in the Gmarket stores are winter when it's summer in Australia and vice versa in winter.... I get so hot just by looking at the winter clothes in this Australian heat! So I basically have my winter clothes ready in half a year in advance, lucky Korea's fashion forward. I love getting a large Gmarket package in the mail, it's like unwrapping a present!!! (that you paid for... but still!) All this talk about Gmarket reminds me I haven't been on Gmarket for a while now.... hhmmmm I think I'm due for another delivery!!
The arm holes for the blouse are kinda tight... damn korean girls and their skinny arms!! *goes cries and eats a donut*

 Beige spotted blouse: Gmarket
Skirt: Target
Belt: Supre
Black ankle boots: Rubi
Black scallop bag: Gmarket
Gold ring with pearl: Diva
Black stones ring: Diva
Gold diamond ring: ASOS
Gold bangles: H&M

14 November 2011


Had this jumpsuit for a while now (over a year??) and never had a chance to wear it because I didn't really knew how to wear it -didn't have the right shoes. It's hard to believe but I only bought my first pair of heels last year, I even wore flats to my formal (I know, I know what a sin I have committed! I'm so ashamed!!!) Now, I'm addicted to heels and feel so frumpy without them on :( So my jumpsuit has finally seen the light of day!! Hooray!!! I'm so sorry my poor little jumpsuit... you deserve so much better! But I have changed and will repent!!! Now I just need to make things right for the other 4 or so jumpsuits in my closet that still have the tags on.......
OMG! hadn't realized how long my hair was!

 Black jumpsuit: Tokito
Navy heels : ASOS
Leopard bag: D.I.Y
Gold chain necklace: Diva
Large black stone ring: Diva
Gold diamond ring: ASOS
Earrings: Sportsgirl