3 December 2011

OOTD - Vampire Prosecutor

Been watching "Vampire Prosecutor" recently and now am in love with this Korean drama. The drama is about a prosecutor who happens to be a vampire (hence the title right?!) and he uses his supernatural abilities to solve crime. It may seem totally outrageous and lame but the drama is able to blend the supernatural and crime solving seamlessly with its flawless execution. It's a nice change to the usual melo-dramas or romatic-comedy fluff that South Korea usual produces, don't get me wrong I love that stuff (hello?? Flower Boy Ramyun Shop anyone??) but it's refreshing to put something new in the mix with its use of camera effects and sharp dialogue. There is a new crime every episode that gets solved by the end very much like the American crime shows like CSI as well as a big ongoing mystery as to who killed the protagonist's little sister which reminds me a lot of the "Red John" situation for those who watch "The Mentalist".
The way the show re-creates the crime in slow motion with the use of blood is quite visually stunning and makes the way blood splatters quite beautiful(?) (I know, creepy right??). And most importantly the vampire prosecutor is HOT!!!!! OMG talk about charisma!! I swear, whoever invented guy-liner needs some sort of award. I wasn't a fan of Yeon Jeong-Hoon when I first watched him in "East of Eden" (which I felt was a bit of a yawn and an half), but now I've seen the light!! I guess all I needed was some guy-liner and fangs to truly appreciate his awesomeness?? All I know is that he can stick his fangs in my neck any day! That is, if I don't do the same to him first! PPHHHROARRRR!!! Oh I guess there is the small problem of his gorgeous real-life wife Han Ga-In....-_-" mmmm.....

ANYWAYS ...... my OOTD has been inspired by the dark world of vampires (the cool ones that solve crime in guy-liner and not the puncy ones that glitter). This is the other thirfted leather jacket I mentioned in an earlier OOTD post where I learnt 2 is always better than 1.

 White blouse: a random store
Black leather jacket: Thrifted
Black tights: Supre 
Black heels: Rubi 
Black studded bag: a random store
Black glasses: StyleNanda
Various necklaces: Diva
Cluster skull ring: Gmarket
Skull chain ring: from South Korea

Oh did I mention the prosecutor has a awesome wardrobe to boot??!!!  Dude how much more swooning are you gonna make me do, drama??


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