26 November 2011

OOTD - 123

Been a while since I last posted.... my net got capped -_-" That's the worst feeling ever..... going back to dial up speed.... I really wonder how I survived back in the early 2000's when I had dial up! The thing about dial up is that it takes a really long time to download/load a file BUT because it takes such a long time there's always a chance that it might stuff up half way through (which in my case happens 99% of the time)!!
Anyways I'm back to broadband speed (thank god) and am in such a better mood and can upload my outfit of the day HOORAY!
The t-shirt I'm wearing is "inspired" by a Jeremy Scott design...... okay okay it's a totally rip off but anyway I actually bought a jumper before that looks more like the actual Jeremy Scott jumper and liked it so much I went back for the t-shirt version on G-market.
WARNING: you may get random gross middle-aged men on the street thinking they are sooooooooooo  hi-LAR-ious saying stuff like "I'd like to push your buttons, love" when wearing this top      -____- true story..........
Agyness Deyn wearing Jeremy Scott

 Top: Gmarket
Black skirt: Supre
Black hat: Shibuya 109 (in Japan)
Black ankle boots: Rubi
Leopard bag: D.I.Y
Black glasses: from Japan
Red heart ring: Diva
Skull ring: Gmarket
Various bracelets: Diva


Tamzen Hunter said...

Can you post a link to your t-shirt? Ive been searching that website forever trying to find it :)

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